Gilbert, Arizona//Bri & Family

October 2017.

Bri. Riley. Dakota.

The Arizona sun is REAL. We took these pictures around 10 AM and holy....all three of these beauties were troopers during their session. I met this family through some close friends that live in Arizona as well, and I am beyond grateful to have them in my life. Bri has a contagious laugh and smile, and a beautiful spirit. Riley has a big personality for such a young kid and is determined to WIN any game he plays. And then there is Dakota...this dog's nickname is literally "No Space" because boundaries do not exist with him. But, if I had it my way, all dogs would be allowed to roam free and just get all the pets and cuddles they wanted anyways! It's a dreary day in Dallas right now, so this Arizona sun sounds really nice. Miss you guys!. 

Danika Dobson2 Comments