Gilbert, Arizona// Holly

This lady right here! 

I don't typically write long or sappy blog posts, but this is about to be BOTH. I have had an emotional day, and this will likely be an emotional post. *Skip the text and just look at her beautiful face if you don't care*

Holly's stepson, Christian, was one of my very best friends. We lost Christian in May of 2016, and as brutal that his loss has been, I have made some beautiful new friendships since his passing. I have a new extended family in his and am beyond grateful for every single human I know in the state of Arizona. His father and stepmother have been accepting and welcoming of myself and my boyfriend...and the friends he made WAY before he ever knew me in Arizona are now some of my favorite people. 

I do not get to visit Arizona often, but when I do, this lady and I always try to have some girl time over some coffee...or a photoshoot. Holly, you are a soul with a special perspective that I needed in my life, same with your hubby. I am so grateful for your family.

Thank you guys for helping raise Christian to become one of the greatest friends I have ever had; he was definitely a daredevil that did some questionable things time to time...but most of my stories that aren't party related involve Christian being a chivalrous gentleman to my friends and I. We will never stop missing that guy.

Looking forward to another visit soon! Love you guys.

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