DFW Wedding/ The Cupit Family

I knew this wedding was going to be a good one when...

I walked into Jen's hotel room during the afternoon to her playing some heavy metal while doing her bridal hair and makeup. I was jamming to Metallica on my way to her hotel and am listening to Rage Against the Machine as I blog this. I've known the groom, Tyler, since I was in eighth grade and met Jen back in January when I took their engagement photos.

The ceremony took place on property owned by Tyler's family, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The Texas heat spared us and the Oak trees provided a lot of shade over the dance floor where kiddos danced away their post cake sugar highs. There may or may not have been a keg stand or three, and they were all pretty epic. I enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and how welcoming everybody was; small and/or backyard weddings are my absolute jam! A few of my favorite moments were their first dance, the group whiskey toast (because yum), the groom singing a few of his favorite country songs, and seeing a lot of people reunited with friends and family members they hadn't seen in ages...myself included.

So, without further ado, The Cupit Family!