Dark Beauty and Self Acceptance- Soft and Alternative Sensual Boudoir in Dallas

Alternative and sensual boudoir photography in Dallas, Texas. Flesh and Flora Photography.

Ever felt the need to remind yourself just how much of a badass you are? Self love and self acceptance need to be documented. Miss J booked us for an alternative yet soft boudoir session at our natural light studio in Dallas.

Dallas Boudoir Photography focused on self acceptance

We started J’s session with her most comfortable and casual outfit to help her get in the zone. You can be the most confident person in the entire world, but there is a certain level of transparency that comes with being in your undies or naked in front of a person + a camera. I feel that starting in a more relaxed piece helps people warm up before wearing some fancy strappy number or before getting butt naked!

Dark beauty inspired aesthetic in soft and sensual alternative boudoir session in Dallas
Self Acceptance Sensual Boudoir in Dallas
Self love and acceptance. Dallas Boudoir Photography.

Now, for something just a tad more snazzy…

Dark beauty boudoir session in Dallas Texas
Alternative and soft boudoir photography in Dallas
Self acceptance and self love sensual boudoir imagery in Dallas
sensual and soft self acceptance boudoir photography in Dallas

Are you loving the body chains and handcuff bracelets? ME TOO. You can snag the handcuffs here- they say “There is Freedom in Restraint” on them.

Self love and self acceptance boudoir photography in Dallas
Alternative and soft sensual boudoir imagery in Dallas with Flesh and Flora Photography

Miss J had a few kind words to say about her session with us!!!

Danika is an absolute joy to work with. I went in a little nervous, but that changed quickly as soon as we started our shoot. Danika has such a good energy about her and the way she works is like magic. I love how much she thinks outside the box and incorporates details like color blocking and props. I felt confident and comfortable the entire time, which is always appreciated when working with a new photographer for the first time. It was an excellent experience and I hope to work with her again in the future.
— Miss J
Self acceptance sensual boudoir photography in Dallas
Alternative and Soft boudoir photography in Dallas

This alternative and edgy, yet sensual and soft session was an absolute joy to document. Boudoir photography is not limited to red lipstick, pearls, and patent heels; wear what you want, wear as much or as little makeup as you wish, and remember that self acceptance is a personal journey. I will hold your hand all the way until our session starts, but once I start shooting, I expect you to start showing yourself the love you and your body deserve.

self acceptance sensual boudoir photography dallas

Thank you so much Miss J. I loved working with you!!