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About Danika

Owner of Flesh & Flora Photography // Part Time Unicorn


I’m a simple human…

All I really need is time in nature, my camera, freedom and I’m happy. Art, primarily photography, is my escape from the world; I’m so happy that I’ve been able to find others to share my sacred space with. If you book a session with me, I ask you to be 100% raw, honest, and vulnerable with me, so I have to be the same way in return.

When I speak with potential clients during a consult, the end goal is to obviously give you the photo shoot of your dreams, but hopefully we walk away as friends. Boudoir and erotic photography should not be as taboo in our society as they are, and during your session, you will get to exist in whatever state you feel- sexy, masculine, ethereal, feminine, relaxed, bold, butt ass naked, covered in chains, maybe even in a fetish piece! I do offer services beyond boudoir and erotic work, but those are the core of my business.



During your session, I’m going to talk to you and ask you questions. If you shoot with a partner or book a family session, my prompts will be for you all to interact with one another, not to stare at my camera. Though I am a photographer, I consider myself more of a moment catcher/memory freezer. I might ask you to pause when you’re already doing something that is freaking adorable or I might yell “FREEZE!!!” when the way you’re kissing your lover is just perfect. You’ll hear me say “I’m not here” more than once, and I mean it. I am there to walk you through the beginning awkward feels at your session, but once we start shooting, it’s my job to make you feel like you’re just enjoying the present moment. I aim to capture your natural poses, the way your eyes scrunch up when your babe laughs, or maybe the way your partner traces their hand along your back as you cuddle up during a boudoir session. You are already beautiful and radiant, it’s just my job to document it.