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About Danika

Owner of Flesh & Flora Photography // Part Time Unicorn


If we meet, we will focus on your story and heart, so here is a bit of mine.

I am Danika, a native Texan that dreams of moving to the Colorado mountains, and hopefully your next photographer! My college graduation was in 2015, but I never used my special education degree to teach. Following graduation, I continued bartending to pay for student loans, but found a seasonal forestry job in Colorado through a friend. This twist of fate eventually paved the route for my freelance photography career to take off, and now here we are. I’ve been pursuing this for two years professionally and though I specialize in boudoir and erotica, I also shoot family portraits, senior portraits, births, in home lifestyle sessions, and even work with brands and companies. Traveling keeps me going, I crave adventure, and my camera goes wherever I go. Since Colorado is my ultimate living destination, I do offer discounts on sessions and weddings there!! When I’m not working, you can find me on a roadtrip, camping, going to the occasional concert, hanging out with my doggos and boyfriend, or maybe grabbing a beer in Deep Ellum!


Once you book a session with me, I hope to walkaway with a new friend, not another client.

During your session, I’m going to talk to you and ask you questions. If you shoot with a partner or family, my prompts will be for you all to interact with one another, not to stare at my camera. Though I am a photographer, I consider myself more of a moment catcher/memory freezer. I might ask you to pause when you’re already doing something that is freaking adorable or I might yell “FREEZE!!!” when the way you’re kissing your lover is just perfect. You’ll hear me say “I’m not here” more than once, and I mean it. I am here to walk you through the beginning awkward feels at your session, but once we start shooting, it’s my job to make you feel like you’re just enjoying the present moment. I aim to capture your natural poses, the way your eyes scrunch up when your babe laughs, the way your eyes light up when your kiddo looks up at you, or maybe the way your partner traces their hand along your back as you cuddle up during a boudoir session. You are already beautiful and radiant, it’s just my job to document it.