Dallas Boudoir// Sad Girls Club

Is Sad Girls Club boudoir a thing?

It is now.

I've known this beauty since high school and each time we work together I am blown away at her beauty. We are similar souls that both have a bit of a dark side and can be rather antisocial at times. I love our friendship because we have a mutual understanding of what it means to deal with mental illness, and we often help each other through our bad days. When we started discussing themes for this boudoir session, we talked about music and Tumblr a lot. I was not exactly sure if I wanted to do a 90s sad girls club vibe or a more grungy feel, so we did a bit of both. Kat, thank you for your friendship and for always being there for me. You are theeeee best.


Mental health is a huge deal and SHOULD be talked about. I am a freelance photographer with an education degree, but I'm pretty good at being a shoulder to cry on or ear to listen. If you are dealing with depression, PPD, suicidal thoughts, or any mental health struggles- first of all, know you are NEVER alone. You are worthy. And lastly, you have a friend in me. I am here to help where I can and provide resources when I can't.

If you do not deal with mental health disorders, please do not belittle those that do by refusing to validate what we are dealing with. You never know what people are going through or feeling.