The Least Shy Kiddos in Dallas and their Gorgeous Parents take on The Lumen Room!

Ballerina twirls, froggie jumps, and sugar- that’s what little girls are made of. Well, at least these two kiddos.

I met their mama several years ago, and she has been such a blessing in my life. Kendra, your family brought me so much joy during our session. When I think of a lasting love, I think of the way you and Gene look at one another. When I think about “parent goals”, I think about the way your girls look at you and Gene. When I think about having children, I remember your youngest doing the froggie jumps during the Christmas pajama portion of the session, and I then take my birth control. Thank you so much for allowing me to take these and getting all cozy and vulnerable for my camera; I know being photographed isn’t an easy task. Though this was a family centered session, I was able to shoot quickly so we achieved a lot of variety. I always try to throw in some extra shots, maybe a few steamy couple photos, a new LinkedIn headshot, or even a fancy solo portrait for mama. Without further ado, The Washington Family. (All images were taken by Flesh and Flora Photography at The Lumen Room in Dallas)