Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas- Creative Makeup Portraits

Sister Duo Floral Makeup Collaboration


All Makeup by: Cassadie Dobson (Salon services offered at Zeeba Salon in Ft. Worth & beyond for weddings)

Photography: Danika Dobson (Photography services offered at Home Sweet Road Photography in Dallas & beyond)


I'm not really sure why my little sister and I didn't start working together WAY sooner, but it is happening now and I couldn't be happier about it. She is a bright and bold star in my life and her artistic talents have always impressed me. She can draw and paint, but she spends most of her time creating art on faces and hair. She did both of our makeup and I took all of the photos, I'm hoping to improve with self portraits soon so I can take portraits of us together for twice the makeup magic goodness.


My personal favorite part of this collaboration was the pastel pink construction hat we acquired at Lula B's in Oak Cliff earlier that day. We bought it as a bit of a joke/gift for our feminist Aunt Kat, but after taking selfies in it and sending them to her, we learned that she HATES PINK HARD HATS. Sooooo, it became a perfect prop for our color palette and we just went with it...LOVE YOU AUNT KAT!


Experimenting with various textures and lighting was challenging and fun for me, and the self portraits were the hardest due to my small studio space. I do not say this to complain, but to say you do not always need a fancy studio or fancy equipment to make magic happen. If you have a vision, go for it! The silver backdrop in many of the photos was the silver side of my reflector. Poster board and extra sheets are affordable backdrop options, and you can literally use the most random objects like tissue paper or party streamers to create funky effects in your images. Step out of the box, be weird, and embrace your badassery!!!

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