Dallas Creatives take on the Mandalay Canal in Irving!

So, when I am in unfamiliar territory, I tend to be rather shy. I recently attended a meetup that featured local Dallas models and photographers.

For the first forty five minutes or so, I was reserved and afraid to approach models. I primarily shoot boudoir so approaching strangers and asking to take their portraits was intimidating. Once my nerves settled, I was able to meet people and collaborate. I was blown away at the talent and am grateful for all of the connections made! Thank you to Cesar and Christa for hosting this event!!!! (Model credits tagged below)



Photos 1-2: Nick & Abby

Photos 3-4: Julie

Photos 5-6: Kieanna

Photos 7-8: Destiny & Alex

Photo 9: Kristen

Photo 10: Katherine

Photo 11: Adam & Alex