2018 Rewind: Flesh & Flora Photography Mini 12 Month Gallery

I wanted to review work from the past year, so I spent this afternoon browsing various 2018 galleries. Photographers spend a lot of time shooting/editing, and it is easy to forget about a past session due to the sea of new edits we are constantly facing. I loved looking back on work to see where I’ve come from, and to see if it is aligned with where I’m going. When I started pursuing photography in 2016, I never thought I would go full time or pursue boudoir. Now in January 2019, I am doing both! About halfway through last year I put my foot down and said I would slowly be backing away from offering family photography services, but after looking at the 2018 galleries, some of the images that spoke most to me were in family galleries. Are they my most beautiful, artistic, or creative images? Maybe not, but images of our loved ones are timeless and priceless. Moving into the new year, I plan on pursuing ALL of the boudoir and couples boudoir (polycules welcome too!!!), a few small weddings here and there, hopefully partner with a few brands, and last but certainly not least, more family sessions.

2018 Mini Gallery: January 2018 (top) to December 2018 (bottom). I only selected one image per month, out of 5-15 sessions a month.