She Only Needed Herself. Dallas Boudoir Photography.

Whoever told you that you NEEDED another person to make you whole…they were a whole ass liar.

You are absolutely complete all by yourself; and if you have or find a partner that loves and respects you, that is just a bonus from life. The muse of this nature session is one of the most independent people I have ever met. They don’t seek approval from society and they forge their own path. We live in an unforgiving world and are dealt lives that are painfully short, so stop living for others and start living for you.

I do not mean to be an asshole, there are plenty of those already. I mean- stop saying yes to shit you hate, allow yourself to rest, don’t spread yourself too thin, and ultimately just do whatever it is that makes your inner bird sing.

Stop acting like you’re ordinary. Start acting like you’re a radical piece of flesh floating on a globe in space, because you are.